Jan 5 2012

First Car Free Friday of 2012 and The “List” Page

Tomorrow marks the first Car Free Friday of the Year…get ready! Bike gear good to go? Umbrellas, rain boots (I’m in Victoria, what can I say?) all those good things?

Also, I’ve added a list page (see the top nav)  for those who want to publicly announce their “carfreefriday-ness”. So if you would to be added, please add a comment. More photos, buttons, t-shirts to come!

Here is a preview of the logo for those interested…The logo for car free friday.

Jan 1 2012

Yes! 2012 is the Year of Car Free Friday!

K…It’s been in hiatus for a bit, but 2012 is the year of Car Free Friday! Are you in?

Here’s how it works:

  1. You TRY (trying is good!) not driving your car every Friday, for 1 year
  2. If Friday is not a good day (swimming lessons, school, etc) pick a different day
  3. Carpooling counts (meaning if you carpool and reduce the total number of cars by 1, you can say you are Car Free that day)

No judgements, no guilt, just an effort to take 1 car off the road, 1 day a week, for 1 year.  Can you do it?

P.S. – Still sorting out WordPress options…for example, allowing comments! Stay tuned as I am trying to get that working.